New Semester, Better You!

New Semester, Better You!

Kahlma Team on 29th Jan 2020

Making new friends is never an easy process for some people. Especially when you moved to a new town or state to attend school. Nervousness can be a major factor that can sometimes prevent you from meeting new people outside of your circle of friends. Here are a few ways to help you come out your shell this Spring semester:

Join Extracurricular Activities

If you are experiencing shyness or nervousness in a new environment, finding extracurricular activities is a great way to meet new people at school. Most colleges or universities have organizations for writers, dancers, athletics, cultural groups, and more. Take time to sit down and think of activities that interest you, then check to see if your school has an organization for it. Most clubs and organizations hold general interest meetings at the beginning of each semester. Don’t hesitate to go sit in on a meeting to see if you would like to learn more or be a part of the organization.

Aside from extracurricular activities, if you’re new to a town or city, try to search local meetup groups in the area! There are different meetup groups for people to socialize, exercise, and meet other people who are also new to the area. Joining meetup groups is a great way to meet new people to help you step out of your shell.


Spending your time to volunteer locally is a great way to meet new people that care about the same causes as you. Search for local food banks and shelters in the area to see if they have volunteering opportunities available. Most organizations have open availability so they can work around your school schedule. Meeting people while you volunteer can help you spark conversations to find out if you share anything else in common with the other volunteers.

Attend Events

Most schools host welcome back events for the students before a new semester starts. Attending a few events is a great way to step outside of your shell and begin to meet new people on campus. If you notice organizations passing out flyers, don’t hesitate to talk to a few people and start a conversation.

Once you begin to meet new people, inviting them to school events is a great way to follow-up. Try inviting your new associates to events such as football games, pep rallies, or tailgates to learn more about each other, and potentially spark a new friendship.