Tips to Help Ease Nervousness

Tips to Help Ease Nervousness

Kahlma Team. on 11th Nov 2019

Whether you have a job interview, a major presentation, or a social event, most of us have experienced nervousness. At times, it may impact our overall performance or behavior, making it difficult to speak or interact with other people. Although there is no secret formula on how to combat nervousness, here are some helpful tips that may help you ease those jitters:


Preparation is essential when you have a major presentation or job interview. Before your event, try to make yourself familiar with the company or topic that you are catering to. By feeling prepared, your confidence will continue to grow. Don’t be afraid to make flashcards or write notes you can look so you can always review the material you covered. By studying, you continue to retain information, which may also build your confidence before the big day.

When a person is not prepared, it is easy to be unconfident in your craft, which will increase nervousness or jitters. It may also become easy to freeze when a person asks a question due to a lack of knowledge. Without proper preparation, you may miss the opportunity to showcase your talents and may not leave the impression you desired in your interview or presentation.


Practice makes permanent, yes...permanent. When you practice speaking or answering interview questions, they become embedded in your brain! Try recording yourself perform your presentation or answer common interview questions; by doing this, you can see what areas need improvement while building your confidence.

You can even step it up a notch up practicing in front of a group of friends or family. This is the ideal way to practice your presentation or interview in front of an actual person. It’s always good to get honest feedback and learn what areas you can improve on.


Journaling your thoughts and ideas is a great way to express your emotions. Don’t hesitate to write down your feelings as it gets closer to your presentation or interview date. Also, make reasonable goals for yourself. Write down a checklist and after your big day, go back and see what you were able to accomplish.

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